The accounting profession is usually slower to catch on the rapid changes in technology as many other industries. So many accounting firms are yet to wake up to the tremendous opportunities offered by cloud accounting.

Indeed, there is a lot of debate in accounting firms on whether to stick to the desktop version of QuickBooks or to go for QuickBooks hosting, which is the new way of accounting. QuickBooks hosting creates a better and more conducive accounting environment, and saves the frustration of having to deal with the complex IT issues that crop up – which have nothing to do with the core responsibilities of an accountant.

Let’s talk about why QuickBooks hosting is the way of the future and is indeed the smart way to do accounting.

With QuickBooks Hosting, you don’t have to be restricted by geography – With the traditional desktop version of QuickBooks; you are essentially stuck to your computer. If there is any work that needs to be done, you or your staff will have no choice but to return to their computer in the office cubicle. When you have a hosted QuickBooks solution, your data is hosted on a remote server. There will be a centralized database that holds all the data and can be accessed on any number of devices, no matter where you are located. Your team can collaborate jointly on the data from several different locations in the world, even when they are hundreds of miles apart.

QuickBooks Hosting offers an enhanced data security and protects you against data loss – The problem with using a desktop version of QuickBooks, or for that matter any software is that, your data is held in a single computer in the office. There is always a possibility of someone breaking into your system and getting access to the data. Also, there is always a chance of your data getting lost in case of a system failure or a breakdown of the IT infrastructure. With QuickBooks Hosting, your data is encrypted and stored in a remote server in secure, top-of-the-line data centers. Your data is backed up daily and stored in multiple locations around the world to protect you against data loss in the event of a natural disaster or a rare system failure.

With QuickBooks Hosting, you are assured of faster data recovery – It is not uncommon for computers to crash when you are working on a critical piece of data. Now, with the traditional desktop version of QuickBooks, it is practically impossible to recover the data in an updated state. But with Quickbooks Hosting, since the data is stored in real-time on multiple servers located in different locations in the world, you will be able to recover the data easily and resume your work. You will not suffer any delay or inconvenience of any sort. Certainly, this is the smart way to do accounting.

Wrap Up

QuickBooks Hosting saves time and money, it ensures maximum data protection and security and allows for a faster data recover. It offers a solution for your most complex accounting needs and helps you serve your clients better. It is indeed the smart way to do accounting.