So when the meeting arrangements fall on you next time, take a spin on the occasion and rent a bus! Yes, by providing this novel form of mobile boardroom you’ll make a lasting impression.

We know it’s all business and serious stuff going on, but can you think of a better way to get the attention of everyone involved when key client meetings are held on a bus?

Pick your captive audience up at the airport in a professional driven, clean, state-of-the-art bus with beverages and snacks waiting. As the chauffeur takes you and your clients to the office, you can begin that important meeting right then and there. No need to worry about traffic, the professional, uniformed chauffeur will navigate that for you.

By picking them up at the airport and having beverages and snacks waiting for them, you’ve got them where you want them, providing them something to enjoy while you talk up your big proposal.

Imagine this casual setting, totally comfortable and furnished with plenty of storage for the bags and seated in comfort. As your personal driver for the day negotiates traffic, you can begin to negotiate. The audience is all yours. There are no phone calls or secretaries interrupting the meeting, or phones ringing in the office back ground, just the designated players listening to your important message.

So,with your prospective clients on board there’s nothing but business taking place. There is plenty of space and you can place yourself at the front of the bus to command the attention of all, there are no distractions and the focus will be on you in this, your mobile boardroom!

Your V.I.P. guests will be seated in comfort, have plenty of leg and brief case room and provision for the legal pad and note taking. You’ll have your audience right where you want them – listening to you and impressed with this rolling conference room you have arranged. You’ll be sure to close the big deal!

When your important customer meetings take place on a coach, you will not only have a captive audience, but you will have made a favorable impression that your clients won’t soon forget.

Your clients have been well catered for with comfortable meeting facilities and appropriate refreshments. You have been able to hold your customers complete attention as the focus has been all on you and your message. You are in the ideal position to close your deal and toast your success!