How to find passion in your job

This is a topic that can go two ways. Some say you shouldn’t work in an industry you are passionate about because it will kill that passion. Then there are some that say, find a career you are passionate about and you will enjoy working in it forever. Many people hate their jobs but just continue to stay at it. Why do they do that? Why do they continue to work in a place that leaves them with negativity and sadness? One main reason for this is due to the fact that people don’t know what they actually want to do. Some individuals think sitting around and waiting for their true passion will appear out of thin air, but it won’t. If you aren’t enjoying what you are doing, you need to find something else.

Leaving a career and switching to a new one is something that millennials are good at. This also stems a problem though for companies. Leaving a job forces you to keep searching for the next step in your life that will eventually lead you to what you love. Something you should learn to do is follow your curiosity. The career path you are meant to take is not crystal clear. By following your curiosity, you will uncover you interests that may be hidden. Within your interest comes your unique motivation.

When trying to find your passion, I encourage you to not make money your primary focus. Money will not give you happiness or magically show you your passion. When you stop caring about the number on zeros in your pay check from a certain job, you will be more open to what your options are. Do what you love may mean taking risks. Risks shouldn’t be so scary but should give you an adrenaline rush. That rush will lead to a more passionate outcome.

One key thing to remember during this whole journey to finding your passion, is to stay positive no matter what. Life and situations get hard. The unexpected will happen. It’s how you overcome the obstacles you are faced with that make you, you. I believe in the law of attraction. Meaning what you put out into the world you will get back. So, if you keep putting out negativity and anger, you will receive it back. It is only once you change your ways and how you treat others, life will slowly become filled with more positivity.

So, take risks and chances, follow your curiosity, and stay positive on the journey.