Cash-Flow Woes and Antidotes

Lucky you! Your sales pitch is working and clients are stacked up like planes landing at O’Hare. Receivables are numerous and the balance sheet rocks. So how can it be that you almost didn’t make payroll (again)? How can you come up short on cash, with all the business you’re […]

Accounting And IT In the Retail Sector

Still nowadays cash ledgers often get printed on paper by the POS to be entered manually in accounting later on. This daily exercise is annoying and time consuming, and to make things worse, very error-prone. Contrary to the assumption that cloud solutions are more suitable for larger companies, we want […]

Do You Know the Cost of Fraud?

Every business is subject to the potential for fraud. Every business that does not believe that they can be the victim of fraud needs to assess their operations for red flags that could point to fraud. Fraudsters are very good at hiding their crimes. They are not going to advertise […]

Categorizing Transactions – Expenses

Before I can explain what an expense is, I will need to talk about costs. A costs is what you give up in your business to make money. A cost can be either an asset or expense. For example, an internet business will need a website so will have to […]