Build Your Career With Faith

“Career,” the big word that all of us are afraid of. In reality, what really frightens us is the fear of working on ourselves. We come up with the random excuses to explain the situation, that we believe is stopping us from having a successful career. But somehow forget that […]

Finding Passion

How to find passion in your job This is a topic that can go two ways. Some say you shouldn’t work in an industry you are passionate about because it will kill that passion. Then there are some that say, find a career you are passionate about and you will […]

Steps to Bouncing Back After Getting Fired

Getting fired can lead to enormous feelings such as embarrassment, worthlessness, self-pity, shame and depression. There is no surprise that getting terminated is like losing out your identity because we identify with our job. If you wish to have a successful career, you have to bounce back better and stronger […]

Internships Shape Your Career

After graduating from tertiary institutions young people usually seek for internships in order to gain practical experience. As a graduate, you will need some thorough training before your potential employer can even look at your CV. In most cases, young people need to be trained in the working environment before […]