The career that you choose influences your satisfaction in life. It also determines your earning potential now and in the future. While you can always change your career, the process is usually time-consuming and can sometimes destabilize your life. To avoid this, it’s imperative that you get on the right career path right from the start. To help you out here are the mistakes that you should avoid making when choosing a career:

Paying attention to people’s opinions

While it’s good to seek advice, you shouldn’t base your decision solely on what you hear from other people. Your family members, friends, and your spouse have their opinion on what they would like you to become but no one knows you better than yourself. The people around you might choose a career for you but they aren’t the ones that will be working. Your career will have little impact on them but it will greatly affect you. Remember that you will be working 40 hours a week and there is nothing as bad as being in a field that you don’t enjoy. You should listen to what other people have to say but you are the one who should make the final decision.

Following other people’s footsteps

I’m sure you have come across families where almost everyone is in the same career. You will find a family with plenty of lawyers, doctors, and other professionals. While there is nothing wrong with this, studies show that most of the people living in such families tend to do so in order to please their family members and as a result, they lead unhappy lives. Since you are at a point in your life where you are choosing your career, it means that you are no longer a child. As an adult, there is no point of living an unsatisfying life so as to please your parents. You should let them know that you love them but your career is your decision.

Jumping in blindly

While some people are swayed by their friends and relatives in choosing their careers, others jump in without knowing what they are getting into. This is very wrong as it often results in dissatisfaction once you realize that you don’t like what your job entails. To be on the safe side always take your time to research and find out everything about a given career. In addition to considering the general job description, you should also go through the training requirements, duties, job outlook, and earning potential. Experts recommend that you also consider the viability of the job in the next 10 or more years. The cool thing is that unlike before when it was hard to know about a given career, now you can find about different professions with a click of a button.


Choosing the right career gives you satisfaction in life and as result, you are successful in all areas of your life including the family life. Studies show that most people choose a given career due to the earning potential. Remember that money will give you comfort but it will never give you satisfaction.